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741 OPAMP, First Operational Amplifier IC

741 OPAMP (operational amplifier) IC is one of the oldest and most popular IC with high performance.

It is used in various analog applications such as integrator and differentiator summing amplifier differentiator etc.

Operational amplifier:

An operational amplifier is a DC-coupled high-gain electronic voltage amplifier amplifier that has high gain, differential input, high input resistance, and low output resistance.

Special features of IC 741:

  • Frequency compensation is not required.
  • Short circuit protection has been provided.
  • It has offset voltage null capability.
  • Large differential voltage gain.
  • There is no latching.

Pin configuration and Pinout 741 OP-AMP:

 741 op amp Pinout

741 op amp IC comes in 8 pin dual inline package. It is an 8 pin IC.

The PIN number 7 is connected to positive supply and pin number 4 is connected to negative supply or ground. This IC needs a dual polarity supply.

Pin number 2 and pin number 3 are the two input terminals of 741 op-amp. Pin number to is the inverting terminal and pin number 3 is non inverting terminal respectively.

We get output at pin number 6 which is a single output.

pin number 1 and 5 can be used to nullify the offset voltage and pin number 8 is a dummy pin which is not connected anywhere, and it is left open.

Even though this IC package is most popular package the opamp ic 741 is available in many other packages to.

Important characteristics of ic 741 op-amp:

Sr, No Characteristics Value for IC 741 Ideal value
1 Input resistance Ri 2M ohm infinity
2 Output resistance Ro 75 ohm 0
3 Voltage gain Av 2*10^5 infinity
4 Bandwidth B.W. 1MHz infinity
5 CMRR 90dB infinity
6 Slew rate S 0.5V/uS infinity
7 Input offset voltage Vios 2mV 0
8 PSRR 150uV/V 0
9 Input bias current Ib 50nA 0
10 Input offset current 6nA 0

Mode of operation:

741 IC is used in various modes

  • As a buffer Amplifiers
  • Inverting amplifiers
  • Non-inverting amplifiers
  • Schmitt trigger
  • Integrator
  • Differentiator
  • Comparator

IC 741 is a very old IC it is existing from late 1960s. Though it is a good ic, it has many drawbacks. These drawbacks have been compensated by new comparator ICs like LM358 etc.

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