Air Quality Monitoring System Project
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Air Quality Monitoring System – Project by ESP32 and Blynk IoT

Creating project like air quality monitoring system is a great way to keep track of environmental conditions in your area. This article will help you through the steps of setting up a system using the XIAO ESP32C6 board, various sensors, and the Blynk IoT platform. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the components and steps involved. […]

What is Modbus Communication Protocol
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Modbus Communication Protocol for Industrial Machines

Modbus Communication Protocol is commonly used in industrial automation systems to exchange data between devices. It’s a simple and robust protocol, often used for connecting electronic devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), remote terminal units (RTUs), sensors, and actuators. Modbus Protocol History: The Modbus communication protocol has a rich history dating back to the […]

BME280 Based Altimeter By ESP32
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Altimeter and Environment Sensor Using BME280 and ESP32

Creating an altimeter project using the BME280 sensor and an ESP32 microcontroller can be a fun and educational project. The BME280 is a sensor that measures temperature, pressure, and humidity, making it perfect for altitude measurement. Here’s how you can build it: Components Needed: ESP32 development board BME280 sensor module Breadboard and jumper wires OLED […]

Current Switching Circuit with Arduino
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Current Switching Circuit using Arduino

Hello friends, Current Switching Circuit using Arduino? Do you know how to switch between two power supplies or current sources using Arduino and Relays? Welcome to another interesting article, suppose you want to operate a device that can be operated based on the room temperature or a temperature inside the device, let’s understand this with […]

Google assistant based home automation system
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ESP32 Home Automation Project by Google Assistant, Blynk & IFTTT

Control your home lighting and fans using ESP32 Home Automation Project based on Google Assistant Blynk and IFTTT. This is very easy to set up, simple to operate, and a cost-effective system for your home residence and even offices. You can operate it via google assistant, manual buttons, and Blynk application. What are the things […]