Arduino with 7 segment display
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Seven Segment Display with Arduino Interfacing 0 to 99 counter

Hey folks, in this article we will see what is a seven-segment display with Arduino Interfacing. How to connect a seven-segment display directly to the Arduino without any decoder IC. Also, we will code Arduino to count Arduino from 0 to 99 on seven segment display. Let’s get started. What is a seven segment display? […]

Phone amplifier using lm380 IC
Electronics Operational Amplifiers (OP-AMP)

LM380 Audio Power Amplifier Circuit And it’s Working

The LM380 is an audio power amplifier for consumer application. Its internal gain is fixed to 14dB in order to keep the system cost minimum. A unique input stage allows inputs to be referenced with the ground. The output gets automatically self-centered to one half the supply voltage. The output amplifier is short circuit proof […]

peak detector circuit using opamp
Electronics Operational Amplifiers (OP-AMP)

Peak Detector Circuit using OPAMP

Here is the circuit diagram of a peak detector circuit using opamp. A peak detector circuit is used to determine the maximum (peak) value of an input signal. It stores the maximum value of the input signal for a very long interval of time. In many applications we need to measure the maximum value of […]

Full wave precision rectifier circuit
Electronics Operational Amplifiers (OP-AMP)

Precision Rectifier Circuit using OPAMP working and applications

The precision rectifier is a type of rectifier that converts the AC signal to DC without any loss of signal voltage. In a precision rectifier circuit using opamp, the voltage drop across the diode is compensated by the opamp. In a Diode voltage drop is around 0.6V or 0.7V. Also, this circuit can be made […]

Non inverting Schmitt trigger circuit
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Schmitt Trigger Circuit Working and Applications

A Schmitt Trigger circuit is a comparator circuit with some modifications. As compared to a normal comparator circuit the Schmitt trigger circuit has a hysteresis curve. This means that it has two threshold voltages an upper threshold and a lower threshold voltage. In Schmitt trigger circuit hysteresis is created by applying positive feedback to the non-inverting […]

Voltage controlled oscillator circuit
Electronics Integrated circuits (ICs)

Voltage controlled oscillator circuit using 566 IC

Voltage controlled oscillator circuit is an electronic oscillator circuit whose output frequency is controlled by an input voltage source. By varying the input voltage we can change the output frequency. A voltage controlled oscillator can produce frequencies ranging from few Hertz to ten’s of Gigahertz. Voltage to frequency converters is used in frequency modulation FM […]

LM317 adjustable power supply circuit
Electronics Power supplies

LM317 adjustable voltage regulator circuit

LM317 is an adjustable voltage regulator IC. In this project, we will be making a 1.25V to 37V LM317 adjustable voltage regulator circuit. This IC can provide an output current up to 1Amp. It’s a three-terminal positive voltage regulator IC. This voltage regulator requires only two external resistors to set the supply voltage. It has […]

Triangle wave generation using 555 timer
555 timer IC Integrated circuits (ICs)

Triangle Wave Generator using 555 Timer

In this project, we will see how to make a triangle wave generator using the 555 timer IC. 555 timer is a very versatile delay and square wave generator IC. It one of the most used ic in electronics projects. You might have used or seen a waveform generator. It is an instrument that can […]

Triangle wave generator using opamp
Opamp based project Operational Amplifiers (OP-AMP)

Triangle Wave Generator using OPAMP

In this article, we will discuss how we can make a triangle wave generator using opamp. So let’s start discussing how to make a triangle wave generator. A triangle wave is consists of a constantly rising and falling slope. An opamp integrator gives a triangle wave. If you are an electronics student then you might […]

7490 mod 10 counter
Counter Circuits Electronics

7490 Decade Counter Circuit (Mod-10) Designing

IC 7490 is Asynchronous mod-10 Counter IC. In this article, we are going to study IC 7490 Decade Counter Circuit. IC 7490 is also known as BCD Counter, Decade Counter, and mod-10. These names are given based on the Functionality and Working Principle of IC 7490.  Counter Designing using 7490 IC: In the discussion of Counter ICs, some basic […]