Raspberry Pi 5 Specification
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Raspberry Pi 5 specifications, Pin Out, Pricing A Complete Guide

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 5 specifications, pin diagram, and pricing of this groundbreaking device. With its unparalleled versatility and power, the Raspberry Pi 5 is a true game-changer in the world of single-board computers. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, an educator, or an entrepreneur, this compact and affordable device has something for everyone. Featuring an […]

Field Programmable Gate Array
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Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Architecture

Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGAs) stand out as versatile and powerful devices that offer unique advantages in terms of flexibility, speed, and customization. Unlike traditional processors and microcontrollers, FPGA board enables user to create and implement their digital circuits, providing a canvas for innovation across a wide range of applications. This article is about fascinating […]

Microcontrollers Explained
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Microcontroller Block Diagram, Working and Applications

Let’s see block diagram of microcontroller in detail. microcontroller is a compact electronic device that integrates a central processing unit (CPU), memory (both RAM and ROM), input/output (I/O) ports, and various peripherals onto a single integrated circuit (IC chip) for specified tasks. Unlike general-purpose microprocessors found in personal computers, microcontrollers are designed for specific tasks […]

RTL Schematic
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How to program a 4-bit adder in Verilog?

In this article you will see how to make 4-bit adder in verilog. Table of contents 1 What is a 4-bit adder? 2 4-bit adder Schematic 3 Video related to 4-bit adder Verilog 4 Verilog Full Adder 5 Truth Table of full adder 6 Design of full adder 7 Full adder schematics 8 4-bit adder […]

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Learning FPGA Basics and Programming

Table of contents FPGA Learning Part One: Hardware Programming Language Three main parts of learning System Verilog FPGA Learning Part Two: Basic Knowledge, FPGA Learning Part Three: Development Tools Conclusion FPGA Learning Part One: Hardware Programming Language We need to get to know the FPGA programming language. The language used in FPGA development is known […]

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Flex PCB Specific Terms and Definitions

Flex PCB are one of the best things you can buy when you have a specific engineering project. Having a basic understanding of flex PCBs is essential to collaborate with them. There is a lot of documentation on Flex PCBs that can help you figure out how to work with them. However, to read this […]