PC Cooling Fan System
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What Can Make Your PC Fan Quieter?

How to make your PC fan quieter since computers are used for countless things from leisure to work, from education to online trolling. The device has evolved incredibly since the moment it was created in its original form. Now personal computers are amongst the most commonly used electronic devices. They got smaller with all the […]

Current Switching Circuit with Arduino
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Current Switching Circuit with Arduino

Hello friends, Current Switching Circuit? Do you know how to switch between two power supplies or current sources using Arduino and Relays? Welcome to another interesting article, suppose you want to operate a device that can be operated based on the room temperature or a temperature inside the device, let’s understand this with a real […]

This version of google drive is already installed
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This version of google drive already installed

Hello, buddy. You may have encountered this issue on your PC/laptop “This version of google drive is already¬† installed” at some point in your life., so let’s fix it today, if you click on the Google drive App then it will give you an error.¬†The error message is shown in the following figure. Root Cause […]