PC Cooling Fan System
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What Can Make Your PC Fan Quieter?

How to make your PC fan quieter since computers are used for countless things from leisure to work, from education to online trolling. The device has evolved incredibly since the moment it was created in its original form. Now personal computers are amongst the most commonly used electronic devices. They got smaller with all the […]

CIA Triad
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Information Security Elements

Hello Dear Friends, in this blog we will cover Information Security Elements in detail. Nowadays cyber (Computer Culture) crime where InfoTech is changing every second, we must prioritize the security of our digital information/assets over the security of our physical assets because we are living in an era when digital asset theft is significantly higher […]

How to install Raspbian on Raspberry pi
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How to install Raspbian on Raspberry pi

How to install Raspbian on Raspberry pi? if you had taken the raspberry pi with its kits then it has pre-installed OS and you don’t need to install the Raspbian OS, but in the future, if you face any difficulties while booting the raspberry pi then this blog surely going to be helpful for the […]

What is artificial intelligence in computer
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What is Artificial Intelligence – Computer Science

What is Artificial Intelligence in computer science? Before knowing what Artificial intelligence is, let’s know what intelligence is. Some people say Intelligence is the ability to respond, solve a problem, how we respond in different conditions or in different situations. Intelligence has been defined in many ways. It is nothing but the ability to stay […]