In this blog you can find opamp tutorial and circuits like differentiator integrator, summing amplifier and many more circuit. Operational amplifier basics detailed explanation and working of each circuit.

An operational amplifier is a DC-coupled high-gain electronic voltage amplifier amplifier that has high gain, differential input, high input resistance, and low output resistance.

There are mainly two types of opams amplifiers inverting amplifiers and others one is non inverting amplifier.

current to voltage converter
Electronics tutorial OP-AMP tutorial Operational amplifier basics

Current to Voltage Converter(I to V)

A current to voltage converter circuit produces output voltage with respect to input current. An I to V converter is used to convert varying current into equivalent output voltage.  This circuit is very much useful when the measuring instrument can measure only voltages not the current and we want to measure the output current. The […]

opamp differentiator circuit
Electronics tutorial OP-AMP tutorial Operational amplifier basics

Opamp as Differentiator (active differentiator)

A differentiator opamp is an opamp configuration that produces a differentiated version of the signal applied to its input terminal. This process is exactly the opposite of integration. by interchanging the positions of components in an integrator circuit we can get a differentiator circuit. Here we’re going to discuss two types of differentiator circuit: Ideal […]

Op amp integrator
Electronics tutorial OP-AMP tutorial Operational amplifier basics

OP AMP integrator

The circuit in which output voltage waveform is an integration of the input signal is called as an integrator or op-amp integrator or integrating amplifier. The output voltage is proportional to the amplitude and duration of the input signal. Ideal op amp Integrator Circuit:     The above circuit is obtained by replacing the feedback […]

voltage follower opamp
Electronics tutorial OP-AMP tutorial Operational amplifier basics

Voltage Follower OPAMP or buffer Amplifier

OPAMP buffer or voltage follower is an opamp configuration whose gain is equal unity. Voltage follower is also known as unity gain amplifier, voltage buffer, opamp buffer, or an isolation amplifier. It is used to separate two circuits having the same voltage level but different impedance. In a voltage follower circuit output voltage and input […]

Non Inverting opamp
Electronics tutorial OP-AMP tutorial Operational amplifier basics

Non Inverting Amplifier(OPAMPs)

A non-inverting amplifier is an OPAMP circuit configuration whose output is in phase with the input signal at the non-inverting input. The input signal is applied at the non-inverting input of the opamp. A non-inverting amplifier also acts as a voltage follower circuit. The non-inverting amplifiers also have negative feedback which is used to control […]

Electronics tutorial OP-AMP tutorial Operational amplifier basics

Inverting amplifier (OPAMPs)

The inverting amplifier is one of the types of closed-loop opamp configuration. In this configuration, the non-inverting (+ve) terminal of the opamp is connected to the ground, while the inverting terminal acts as input terminal. Negative feedback is present between the output terminal and  (-ve) inverting terminal of OPAMP. Importance of negative feedback in Inverting […]