In this blog you can find opamp tutorial and circuits like differentiator integrator, summing amplifier and many more circuit. Operational amplifier basics detailed explanation and working of each circuit.

An operational amplifier is a DC-coupled high-gain electronic voltage amplifier amplifier that has high gain, differential input, high input resistance, and low output resistance.

There are mainly two types of opams amplifiers inverting amplifiers and others one is non inverting amplifier.

Non inverting Schmitt trigger circuit
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Schmitt Trigger Circuit Working and Applications

A Schmitt Trigger circuit is a comparator circuit with some modifications. As compared to a normal comparator circuit the Schmitt trigger circuit has a hysteresis curve. This means that it has two threshold voltages an upper threshold and a lower threshold voltage. In Schmitt trigger circuit hysteresis is created by applying positive feedback to the non-inverting […]

Triangle wave generator using opamp
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Triangle Wave Generator using OPAMP

In this article, we will discuss how we can make a triangle wave generator using opamp. So let’s start discussing how to make a triangle wave generator. A triangle wave is consists of a constantly rising and falling slope. An opamp integrator gives a triangle wave. If you are an electronics student then you might […]

Automatic Street Light Circuit
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Automatic street light circuit

Have you thought about who turns on and off those street lights on the road? Turning on and off those street lights may be a boring task. We can make this process automatic by a simple automatic street light circuit. Also, you can automate your home lighting, lights in the garden, and other outside places […]

MQ2 gas sensor Circuit Diagram
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MQ2 Gas Sensor Circuit Diagram and it’s Working

In this project, we will use the MQ2 Gas sensor circuit to detect Methane, Butane, LPG, Smoke which is released into the environment at the time of the gas leak. MQ2 Gas sensor circuit diagram is as shown in the figure. MQ2 gas sensor can sense butane, LPG, Smoke, Alcohol, Propane, Hydrogen, Methane and Carbon […]

opamp comparator circuit
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Voltage Comparator Circuit using OPAMPs

A voltage comparator is a circuit which compares the voltages at its input terminals and switches the output to either high or low depending upon which input was high. making a voltage comparator using transistors and other components is quite difficult and makes no sense because we have OPAMPs. We can use 741, LM311, LM324, […]

voltage controlled current source
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Voltage to current converter OPAMP circuit

Voltage to current converter is mostly used to transmit signals over a long distance to a control circuit. The most important reason behind it is that while traveling a long distance due to the internal resistance of the wire the voltage gets reduces. if there is a very small signal then it may get lost. […]