In this blog you can find opamp tutorial and circuits like differentiator integrator, summing amplifier and many more circuit. Operational amplifier basics detailed explanation and working of each circuit.

An operational amplifier is a DC-coupled high-gain electronic voltage amplifier amplifier that has high gain, differential input, high input resistance, and low output resistance.

There are mainly two types of opams amplifiers inverting amplifiers and others one is non inverting amplifier.

Automatic Night Lamp Circuit Diagram using lm358
Electronics project Electronics tutorial Opamp based project

Automatic Night Lamp Circuit Diagram using LDR and LM358 OPAMP

This article explains an automatic night lamp circuit diagram using LDR and LM358 OPAMP which automatically turns the LEDs ON at night and OFF when it is daytime. The sensing part which is being used for detecting the light is a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). The resistance of LDR depends on the light incident on […]

40 watt Audio Amplifier
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Stereo Amplifier Circuit 20W + 20W

If you are looking for a first-class 40-watt music stereo amplifier, then look no further. High output efficiency, negligible hum, low harmonic distortion, clarity of the output sound, compact (modular) size, and low cost are some of the key features of this fully solid-state integrated Hi-Fi stereo amplifier which is capable of delivering an output […]

Phone amplifier using lm380 IC
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LM380 Audio Power Amplifier Circuit And it’s Working

The LM380 is an audio power amplifier for consumer application. Its internal gain is fixed to 14dB in order to keep the system cost minimum. A unique input stage allows inputs to be referenced with the ground. The output gets automatically self-centered to one half the supply voltage. The output amplifier is short circuit proof […]

peak detector circuit using opamp
Electronics tutorial OP-AMP tutorial

Peak Detector Circuit using OPAMP

Here is the circuit diagram of a peak detector circuit using opamp. A peak detector circuit is used to determine the maximum (peak) value of an input signal. It stores the maximum value of the input signal for a very long interval of time. In many applications we need to measure the maximum value of […]

Full wave precision rectifier circuit
Electronics tutorial OP-AMP tutorial

Precision Rectifier Circuit using OPAMP working and applications

The precision rectifier is a type of rectifier that converts the AC signal to DC without any loss of signal voltage. In a precision rectifier circuit using opamp, the voltage drop across the diode is compensated by the opamp. In a Diode voltage drop is around 0.6V or 0.7V. Also, this circuit can be made […]

Non inverting Schmitt trigger circuit
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Schmitt Trigger Circuit Working and Applications

A Schmitt Trigger circuit is a comparator circuit with some modifications. As compared to a normal comparator circuit the Schmitt trigger circuit has a hysteresis curve. This means that it has two threshold voltages an upper threshold and a lower threshold voltage. In Schmitt trigger circuit hysteresis is created by applying positive feedback to the non-inverting […]