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Electronics Components Type and Explanation

Hii Here is a table showing all the basic Electronics components with their circuit symbol.

Active components vs passive components

“Electronics components are any basic discrete device or physical entity present in an electronic system which affects electrons or their associated fields.” Electronic components are quite different from Electrical components do not be confused about them. Here are the basic electronic components

Electrical components are mostly passive components/elements like wires/cables, resistors capacitors, inductors, etc. While Electronics components are active elements like transistors, BJTs, MOSFET’s, ICs, etc. Active components can amplify input signal but passive components can’t do that.

Electrical components mostly come in single quantities (like one capacitor or indicator) also they are big. Whereas Electronic components are small in size they come in IC package and contains a huge number of other small active and passive components to perform applications like amplification, rectification, pulse width modulation, etc.

Classification of Electronics components

Electrical and electronic components are widely classified into to types they are

Difference between active and passive components

1.) Active Electronics components

Active components are those components which can control, manipulate amplify, or attenuate  Electrical signals. They can add power to the circuit These components depend on a source ( like a DC battery). Components like various types of diode transistor ICs etc are included as inactive components.

Click here to know the entire classification of active components in detail.

2.) Passive Electronics component

These components can not add any power to the circuit. But in AC circuit components like a transformer ( step up or step down) and resonance circuits (LC, RC, and LCR) can change current or voltage but they can’t change power of a signal. Also, they don’t depend on energy sources. They include two-terminal devices like a capacitor, inductor resistors, etc. They are also called reactive components.

Know more about passive components.

Here you can see the major difference between active and passive components.

Electronics components with symbol

3.) Electromechanical components

This is another type of electrical component which involves electrical as well as mechanical parts. The most common example are stepper motor AC motor relay switches, button, buzzer, etc.

What are Active components in electronics and Their Classification


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