Here are the basic electronics tutorial circuits for beginners. You can find here tutorials on operational amplifiers (opamp), transistor, MOSFETs, 555 timer IC, audio amplifiers and many more.

circuit of fan regulator using triac
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Circuit Of Fan Regulator Based On Triac And Capacitor

In this article, you will Know about three different types of the fan regulator circuit. The first one is resistor based, the second one is triac based and the third one is capacitor-based. You must have seen those conventional old and big resistive fan regulators. Those conventional regulators use resistive wires connected between load and […]

IC 7493 4 bit binary counter
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IC 7493 4 Bit Binary Counter Circuit Designing

IC 7493 is a 4 bit binary counter IC, it is composed of 4 JK Flip Flop. Out of which 3 are connected together and 1 is alone, it is consists of a mod 8 counter and a mod 2 counter. Together they make a mod 16 counter. Specifications of 74LS93 IC : It has […]

Types of flip flop and their working
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What is Flip Flop Circuit Truth Table and Various Types of Flip Flops

What are flip flops in electronics? A flip-flop is an electronic circuit that can store single-bit binary data either logic 0 or logic 1. Basically, a flip flop is a Bistable multivibrator that changes its output depending on the input. Flip Flops are of two types edge triggered and level triggered. State of an Edge […]

raspberry pi 4 specifications
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Raspberry Pi 4 Specifications Pin Diagram and Description

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is one of the recent Raspberry Pi single-board computers. In this blog, you will see Raspberry pi 4 specifications Pin Diagram and Description. You can do all kinds of basic tasks using this computer what you need one monitor, keyboard and mouse. you can play low graphics games, stream 4k […]

Electronics project Electronics tutorial ESP32

Interfacing ESP32 with SG90 Servo Motor

Dear friends, in this post I’ll guide you step by step about interfacing ESP32 with SG90 servo motor. It is very similar to interfacing the SG90 servo motor with the Arduino board. So without wasting time let’s get started, first I’ll tell you what are the important component that will required to complete this entire […]

Home Automation System using ESP32
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Home Automation System using ESP32

In this IOT project, we will see how to make a home automation system using ESP32 and Blynk mobile application. We will use Blynk mobile application to control our ESP32 dev module. This system can work with or without internet. Also, this system can be controlled manually using push buttons. Components Required for Home Automation […]