Triac structure
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Triac Working, Structure, VI Characteristic and Application

A Triac is a bidirectional device it allows current to flow in both the directions. here we will discuss Triac working and vi characteristics, In the SCR family, after the SCR, Triac is the most widely used device for power control. Triac is a three-terminal device, with the terminals named as main terminals 1, 2 […]

SCR as a switch
VI Characteristics of SCR
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VI Characteristics of SCR (Silicon controlled rectifier)

The VI characteristics of SCR(silicon controlled rectifier) is a graph of anode current Ia on the y-axis and anode to cathode voltage on the x-axis as shown in the graph. The characteristics in the reverse direction (anode to cathode voltage negative) is similar to a reverse-biased diode. SCR is a member of the thyristor family. […]

biasing of scr
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What is Silicon Controlled Rectifier SCR

Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) is one of the oldest four-layer solid-state power device it was invented in 1957. SCR has the highest power handling capacity in comparison with other semiconductor devices. It has three terminals namely anode, cathode, and gate