SCR as a Switch, its Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications

SCR as a switch

The SCR has only two states of operation i.e. it can be either fully ON or completely OFF hence SCR can as a switch. There is no “active” region of operation like a transistor.

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VI Characteristics of SCR (Silicon controlled rectifier)

VI Characteristics of SCR

The VI characteristics of SCR(silicon controlled rectifier) is a graph of anode current Ia on the y-axis and anode to cathode voltage on the x-axis as shown in the graph. The characteristics in the reverse direction (anode to cathode voltage negative) is similar to a reverse-biased diode. SCR is a member of the thyristor family. I will suggest you read the Working of silicon controlled rectifier¬†SCR. also Applications of SCR.   VI characteristic of SCR:   The VI Characteristics of SCR can be split into two parts namely Forward characteristics…

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What is Silicon Controlled Rectifier SCR

biasing of scr

Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) is one of the oldest four-layer solid-state power device it was invented in 1957. SCR has the highest power handling capacity in comparison with other semiconductor devices. It has three terminals namely anode, cathode, and gate

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