What are passive components? How they are Classified?

passive electronics components

You have seen various types of electronics components they may be divided into two actives (click to know more) and passive. Here is a classification of passive components Definition: “The devices which can not control the flow of electrons by any other electrical signal are called passive components.” Resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc are passive components, they are reactive components. Passive components can be broadly divided into three types resistive, inductive and capacitive. Also, there are many devices and transducers which are passive. Also, read the classification of electronics components, and…

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Zener diode as voltage regulator, working & applications

Zener diode

Zener Diode is a special purpose PN junction diode its construction is similar to a conventional PN junction diode. Here we will discuss the working of Zener diode as voltage regulator. Overview: Zener diode is a special type of Diode specifically designed to operate in reverse biased mode. Zener diodes are available in the range from 3V to 200 Volts. They are operated in a breakdown region hence they are called breakdown diode.The reverse breakdown voltage of the Zener diode adjusts by doping level. Biasing of zener diode: Biasing of…

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What are Active components electronics?

active electronic components

Definition of Active components : “Active components are those who has the ability to control flow of electrons either by using voltage or by using another current.” Voltage-controlled devices are MOSFETs, vacuum tubes, while current-controlled devices are bipolar junction transistors which allow one current to control another. Active components can be of different types like semiconductor there are various types of active devices like transistors, diodes, triodes, LEDs, plasma display battery etc. You should watch this video for better understanding here Semiconductors Transistors Active components: Transistors were invented in twentieth…

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