IR Remote Control by Arduino
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Control Home Appliances by IR Remote with Arduino

Controlling home appliances using an Arduino and an IR remote is a popular DIY project that’s relatively straightforward. An infrared (IR) remote control is a device that transmits signals to control electronic devices such as TVs, DVD players, and air conditioners. Working of IR Remote Control: Here’s a basic overview of how it works. Transmitter: […]

What is Modbus Communication Protocol
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Modbus Communication Protocol for Industrial Machines

Modbus Communication Protocol is commonly used in industrial automation systems to exchange data between devices. It’s a simple and robust protocol, often used for connecting electronic devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), remote terminal units (RTUs), sensors, and actuators. Modbus Protocol History: The Modbus communication protocol has a rich history dating back to the […]

BME280 Based Altimeter By ESP32
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Altimeter and Environment Sensor Using BME280 and ESP32

Creating an altimeter project using the BME280 sensor and an ESP32 microcontroller can be a fun and educational project. The BME280 is a sensor that measures temperature, pressure, and humidity, making it perfect for altitude measurement. Here’s how you can build it: Components Needed: ESP32 development board BME280 sensor module Breadboard and jumper wires OLED […]

Thyristor, Thyristor Working, Symbol, Types, Application
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What is Thyristor? Working, Symbol, Construction, Types, Operation, Protection and Applications

Let’s understand working of thyristor by construction and explore some of its applications. Thyristor Definition: Also known as Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR), The Thyristor is a three-terminal, four-layer semiconductor device primarily used for high-power control and converting AC current into DC. It is typically used for high-power applications and is capable of switching large amounts […]

Types of Sensors
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What is a Sensor? Types of Sensors, Classification & Applications

Let’s see various types of sensors within their classification and Applications. A sensor is a device or component that detects changes in its environment and converts those changes into an electrical signal or another form of readable data. Sensors are used in various applications to monitor, measure, or control processes, equipment, or environmental conditions. They […]

T Flip Flop Truth Table Circuit Diagram & timing graph
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T Flip Flop Truth Table, Circuit Diagram, Working and Applications

Let’s explore T flip flop truth table and working of its circuit with applications. A T flip-flop, also known as a toggle flip-flop, is a basic digital circuit element that has two stable states and can change state (toggle) based on a triggering input. T Flip Flop Circuit Diagram: Here’s the circuit diagram for a […]