Here are the basic electronics tutorial circuits for beginners. You can find here tutorials on operational amplifiers (opamp), transistor, MOSFETs, 555 timer IC, audio amplifiers and many more.

Electronics tutorial

Quantum computers explained

What is a quantum computer? What is the working of quantum computers? Here is everything you should know about quantum computers. So read carefully. “A quantum computer is a computer which uses principles and phenomena of quantum mechanics to deliver huge processing power”. Quantum machines promise the ability to surpass today’s and tomorrow’s most capable […]

passive electronics components
Electronics components Electronics tutorial Passive components

What are passive components? How they are Classified?

You have seen various types of electronics components they may be divided into two actives (click to know more) and passive. Here is a classification of passive components Definition: “The devices which can not control the flow of electrons by any other electrical signal are called passive components.” Resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc are passive components, […]

Electronics components Electronics tutorial

Electronics components type and explanation

Hii Here is a table showing all the basic Electronics components with their circuit symbol.   “Electronics components are any basic discrete device or physical entity present in an electronic system which affects electrons or their associated fields.” Electronic components are quite different from Electrical components do not confused about them. Here are the basic Electronics […]