Google assistant based home automation system
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Google Assistant Based Home Automation System ESP32, Blynk & IFTTT

Control your home lighting and fans using this Google Assistant based home automation system. This is very easy to set up, simple to operate, and a cost-effective system for your home residence and even offices. You can operate it via google assistant, manual buttons, and Blynk application. What are the things required for our project: […]

Arduino with temperature sensor
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Arduino with temperature sensor – Interfacing LCD and LM35

Let’s see how to interface Arduino with temperature sensor. LM35 is a three-terminal temperature sensing device. It is used to measure temperature in the range of -55°C to 150°C. It is a three-terminal device that produces an analog voltage proportional to the temperature of its surroundings. We can convert the analog output into digital using […]

Interfacing of L293D with Arduino
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L293D Pin Diagram, Working and Interfacing of L293D with Arduino

In this blog, we will discuss about L293D Pin Diagram its working, and its interfacing with Arduino. L293D can drive two DC motors simultaneously, with up to 600mA current in each channel. It receives a control signal from microcontrollers such as Arduino, ESP32 Dev Module, etc. based on these control signals it controls the direction […]