Thyristor, Thyristor Working, Symbol, Types, Application
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What is Thyristor? Working, Symbol, Construction, Types, Operation, Protection and Applications

Let’s understand working of thyristor by construction and explore some of its applications. Thyristor Definition: Also known as Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR), The Thyristor is a three-terminal, four-layer semiconductor device primarily used for high-power control and converting AC current into DC. It is typically used for high-power applications and is capable of switching large amounts […]

Current Switching Circuit with Arduino
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Current Switching Circuit using Arduino

Hello friends, Current Switching Circuit using Arduino? Do you know how to switch between two power supplies or current sources using Arduino and Relays? Welcome to another interesting article, suppose you want to operate a device that can be operated based on the room temperature or a temperature inside the device, let’s understand this with […]

n-channel depletion type mosfet
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MOSFET VI Characteristics, Symbol and it’s Classification

MOSFET Full Form is Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. Here we will be discussing MOSFET VI Characteristics, symbol and its classification. They are broadly classified into two types namely enhancement Type and depletion type MOSFET. In an enhancement type MOSFET channel has to be induced for the device to conduct, which is achieved by […]

IGBT Symbol, Working, VI Characteristics and Applications
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IGBT Full Form, Symbol, Construction, Working and Applications

An Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor in short IGBT is a three-terminal semiconductor device it is a hybrid of MOSFET and BJT for high efficiency and fast switching. The power BJT has the advantage of low on state power dissipation, but it cannot be switched at faster rates due to longer turn-off time, whereas MOSFETs have […]

TRIAC Symbol, Working, VI Characteristic
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TRIAC Full Form, Symbol, Working, VI Characteristic & Application

The full form of TRIAC is Triode for Alternating Current. Let’s discuss working of Triac with vi characteristics and Applications. A Triac is a bidirectional device it allows current to flow in both the directions. It is also known as a bidirectional triode thyristor or bilateral triode thyristor. In the SCR family, after the SCR, […]

Active components in electronics
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What are Active components in electronics and Their Classification

Definition of Active components: “Active components are those who has the ability to control flow of electrons either by using voltage or by using another current.” Voltage-controlled devices are MOSFETs, vacuum tubes, while current-controlled devices are bipolar junction transistors which allow one current to control another. Active components can be of different types like semiconductor […]